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Haven't purchased ammo? Read below before proceeding.


A valid CA ID (current name and not expired) is required.

If PO Box is on ID or address is not current, customers must provide evidence of the current address.

  • Standard Check

    • $1 per Eligibility Check transaction for customers with the following:

      • At least 1 firearms record in the AFS (Automated Firearm System) that matches your current info on you CA ID (Name and address)​ such as:

        • Long Gun purchase since ​2014

        • Handgun Purchase since 1990

  • Basic Check

    • $19 ​per Eligibility Check transaction is best for those who have not made a qualifying purchase or current information doesn't' match AFS record:

      • To track a Basic eligibility check or to update a gun record in AFS, visit ​


Bring one of the following:

  • Current Passport or Passport Card

  • Current Birth Certificate

  • Current Permanent Resident Card

  • Current Foreign Passport with Valid Immigrant Visa/I-94 Document

  • Certificate of Naturalization or U.S. Citizenship

  • Certificate of Birth of an American Citizen Abroad

  • Certified copy of Birth from a U.S. Territory

If your name as shown on the documents listed above varies from the name printed on your CA DL/ID (due to marriage for example), you will need to also provide one of the follwoing documents:

  • An adoption document that contains the legal name of the applicant as a result of the adoption

  • A name change document that contains the applicant’s legal name both before and, as a result of, the name change.

  • A marriage certificate.

  • A dissolution of marriage document that contains the legal name of the applicant as a result of the court action

  • A certificate, declaration or registration document verifying the formation of a domestic partnership

  • A dissolution of domestic partnership document that contains the legal name of the applicant as a result of the court action

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